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1-27-2011 Patch

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January 27, 2011

•Raffle Ends
•Baby Dragon Hat Discontinues being Sold
•Dragon Spawn and Turnins leave.
•Kafra Stacker is enhanced, you can choose to stack again without restarting the dialog
•BG fix to make the randoming of sides work better.
•"Side Hat" is added to the Kafra Shop for 300 points for 2 weeks
HE Battle Manuals and HE Bubble Gum is in the Kafra shop for 2 weeks.
•Following Kafra shop items are now Vendable, if used for an event they will be made account bound again before hand.
Baby Dragon Hat
Mini Christmas Tree
Leaf Cat hat
Marcher Hat
Turtle Hat
•Mini Christmas Tree effect updated. Base effect is the 2% reset to various status effects and a very low chance of dropping Cookie Bag. +7 will multiply that chance by 3, +9 will multiply that drop chance by 5. So if you have it upgraded, it is quite nicer.
•Okonlir Crystal Keys should be more able to be gathered by very high leveled killers.
•Novice Training ground made easier for new players. You may not exit the training ground until you have reached level 11/10. The New Eden Group representative in the Training ground will let you choose your city.
•Exp chunks for the training ground were re-evaluated to make sure the full exp amount is given to the Novice.
•Next Week we have an EXP event, go to our Facebook page and like the post to add % to the exp event!